Import Reviews

EpicApp import reviews option can be used to import reviews from any source to our app using our import template.

STEP 01: Download the import template csv file

You can download the csv file from the path:

EpicApp > Reviews Tab > Bulk Actions > Import Reviews > Download sample import template file

You can also download the file from button below:


To edit the file:

  1. Login to Google Sheet and create a new blank sheet.
  2. Click File > Import > Upload and select the file above.
  3. Keep the default settings and click Import data.

STEP 02: Fill the template with reviews data

Each column along with their meaning is defined below:


Column Name
product_id in text format
acceptable values is any one of 1,2,3,4 or 5
title of the review.

1. if blank, default review titles will be used.
Optional with fallback
body of the review

1. if Review_body is blank, Review_Title will be used with rating. Review_Body will be empty

2. If both Review_body and Review_Title is blank, Rating is published with default review titles
Optional with fallback
date when review was received (in dd/mm/yyyy format)

1. if date is blank, then date of import is taken
public reply to the review
URLs of the images in the review.

Supported .png, .jpg, .If there is more than one picture, please separate the URLs by a comma (https://picture1, https://picture2).

We accept up to 5 pictures per review. If there are more than 5 URLs, we will only take the first 5.
Optional with fallback
either Published or Unpublished

if left blank, Publish_Status will have default value as Published
Optional with fallback
name of the customer who gave the review

If no name will be given, review will be posted under "Anonymous"
Optional with fallback
email address of the customer who gave the review

If empty, will be used
order number on shopify
order id on shopify
customer id on shopify
STEP 03: Upload the file to EpicApp
  1. When you’ve added the reviews, you can download the sheet by choosing File > Download > Comma Separated Value (.csv).


  1. Go to path:
    EpicApp > Reviews Tab > Bulk Actions > Import Reviews

  1. Click on “Import Reviews” button.
STEP 04: Review upload errors (if any)

  1. If some data rows have errors, they will be skipped and rest of the reviews will be imported
  2. All errors will be listed. Press the “Copy Errors”
  3. Rectify the errors and import the modified rows again.



If there were any errors, then after modifying the data, import only the rows which had the errors. Do not import the rows again which were successful. It will lead to duplication of reviews.


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