EPIC! Features of EpicApp

Insightful Dashboard

See total reviews collected by mode of collection, average rating, trends, top products and lot more.

Track Review Status

Find out at which stage was a review collected, via which medium for all your orders. Sort & Filter everything

Honor Customer Privacy

Remove customers from review collection list. View which customers have unsubscribed from emails.

Full Control Over Reviews

Auto publish, manually publish, unpublish, delete, import and export reviews. Your reviews, your data Your control!

Blacklist Products

Add Out of Stock, discontinued, under-performing or defective lot of products in blacklist. No review requests will be sent to your customers for these SKUs.

Calls or Emails – Your Choice

Enable or Disable Smart calls, send review request on email if Smart Call fails, send email requests only, disable Emails completely You have full control.

Request Timings and Conditions

Choose on which trigger event requests are sent viz. Order, Fulfilment or Delivery. Set desired days post which requests are sent after trigger event.

Automatic Re-Attempts

Set up to two re-attempts for both smart calls and emails for collecting reviews in case the original request failed to collect the review.

Review Validation

Send text transcription of the voice review to the customer to allow him/her to validate/edit the same. Auto publish if customer doesn’t do so after desired time elapsed.

Notification for New Reviews

Send a notification to desired email addresses whenever a new review received fulfills desired conditions.

Collect Reviews for Old Orders

Send review requests over emails for orders up to 60 days before the app installation date.

Customize Call Template

Select from over 63+ supported languages for smart call, customize call prompts, set desired time for recording the review.

Test Created Call Template

Test your created call template on any desired number before you finalize and make the same live for your actual buyers.

Customize Email Template

Customize email template for review request as per your store theme and colors. Preview and test the created template on desired email id.

Personalize Widget

Customize every aspect of the widget viz. title, colors, layout, star color, dropdowns, buttons and much more. Make our widget blend perfectly with your store.

Time Zone Control

Set time duration for calling customers of a particular country so that you don’t disturb them during leisure hours. Stop all calls on desired days like weekends, holidays, etc.

More features updated regularly…

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