Personalize Button Texts

Use this section to personalize the texts on various buttons that are used in review widget. Which option impacts which component has been marked in the screenshot.

Changes can take up to 45 to 60 seconds to be reflected on your shopify store.

Where is the “View All Reviews” button located?

A maximum of 5 reviews are shown on the frontend widget (on the product page) to optimize for speed of shopify store. The “View All Reviews” button is located after 5 product reviews. Clicking on the same opens review detail page.

Where is the “Load More Reviews” button located?

`Once the “View All Reviews” button is clicked and review detail page is opened, a maximum of 10 reviews are loaded at a time to optimize for speed of shopify store. The “Load More Reviews” button is located at the bottom of the 10 reviews.

Clicking the same, opens set of another 10 reviews and the button shifts its position at the bottom of the 20 reviews. Clicking the “Load More Reviews” button again will load 10 more reviews and so on.


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